Rushad Eggleston - Darol Anger - Bruce Molsky

The Old-Time Kozmik Trio

There are inventions that seem so obvious in retrospect that we wonder how we lived without them: the wheel, the mobile phone, the sandwich; The Old-Time Kozmik Trio. Three of the most influential string players of this era, each of whom has re-invented not just a style but also their genre, have created a portable and explosive summit meeting. They are drawn together by mutual respect, love, and the absolute means to make the mightiest, righteous double-clutchin' monster groove ever dug on this sweet swingin' sphere.

Bruce Molsky stands today as the premier old-time musician in the world, the defining virtuoso of Appalachia's timeless folk music traditions. But his reach is wider than this. His relentless musical exploration and questing have led him from the hills of North Carolina to the mountains of Norway and Finland with stops in Barbados and Macedonia.

Exceptional among modern string players for his versatility and depth, the legendary fiddler Darol Anger has helped drive the evolution of the string band through numerous path-breaking ensembles such as the Turtle Island String Quartet, the David Grisman Quintet, Psychograss, his Republic Of Strings and other ensembles for over thirty years, with dozens of important recordings to his credit.

The youngest of the trio, phenomenal cellist Rushad Eggleston, has been startling listeners for nearly over a decade, in Anger's Republic Of Strings, his own hugely successful Crooked Still, and his insanely creative electric band, Tornado Rider.

Together this trio exhibits a synergy that must be heard to be believed. Each instrument in the ensemble is an entire rhythm section in its own right, and together, in the words of one audience member, "it's like they invented music or something". It all comes out in this wash: re-invention of traditional music from many cultures, Jazz, American Rock and R&B, and original songs and tunes. The band's natural approach of completely redesigning all the music they play in their own image culminates in songs that are sung in entirely new invented languages, often by the audience. Bruce's powerful singing and skills on guitar and banjo, and Rushad’s phantasmagorical songs widen the scope of the band's sound, as does his ability to play the cello while standing, walking, or dancing. Add to this Anger's uncanny ability to imitate almost any instrument on his fiddle, from saxophone to electric guitar to drums, and you have a power trio capable of everything and anything.

The Trio members, in spite of its newness of the group, have played together in various combinations for some years now, enough to have shaped each other’s music considerably. Darol and Rushad helped create the original Republic Of Strings in 2004, and Bruce and Darol have played informally and recorded in duets for a decade. All three of them garnered a Grammy nomination for their work in The Fiddlers 4, which included the great Cajun fiddler Michael Doucet. The current trio has encountered such an extreme level of interest that a recording project is now in the works, while numerous videos of their debut appearance at the Wintergrass Festival are circulating widely all over the web.





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