The Lonesome Sisters

The Lonesome Sisters, Sarah Hawker & Debra Clifford, voted Best Acoustic Duo by Gibson Guitars, 2006.
Their CD The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus was chosen as a top ten DIY albums of the year for 2005 in Performing Songwriter.

The Lonesome Sisters, Sarah Hawker & Debra Clifford, have been playing music since 2002, producing 3 CD's and touring the country. They are known for their distinctive vocals and spare instrumentation. Their traditional, acoustic sound underpins soulful, modern lyrics, giving their music a fresh, sparse Appalachian feel.

Sarah Hawker comes from a long line of traditional Southern musicians including her aunt Ginny Hawker, uncle Tracy Schwarz, and grandfather Benson Hawker. She is well known for her songwriting, winning first prize in the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at Merlefest and Best Song at Clifftop Appalachian Fiddler's Convention, and having her work featured in magazines such as SingOut!. She plays guitar, clawhammer banjo and harmonium and sings lead.

Debra Clifford
has toured with Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz. She teaches rhythm guitar, mandolin, and harmony singing at Jay Unger and Molly Mason's Ashokan Southern Week, as well as The Old Time Traveling Music School with Val Mindel. She plays guitar, mandolin, clawhammer banjo, tenor guitar and sings harmony.
Sarah & Debra live in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.


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